Friday, May 27, 2011

Purple Wedding

The word 'purple' comes from the Old English word Purpul which originates from the Latin Purpura. This in turn is derived from the Koine Greek (Porphyra), name of the Tyrian purple dye manufactured in classical antiquity from a mucus secreted by the spiny dye-murex snail.The actual color of Tyrian purple, the original color purple from which the name purple is derived, is the color of a dye made from a Mollusc that in classical antiquity became a symbol of royalty because only the very wealthy could afford it. Therefore, Tyrian purple was also called imperial purple
[source: wikipedia]


Here are some purple wedding Invitations, You can see Full Wedding Paper Goods Collection here at


violet,purple wedding invitation invitationpink and purple vintage butterfly wedding  rsvp postcardpurple botanical wedding Invitation cards invitationmod contemporary purple wedding save the date invitationpurple and green mod wedding invitationviolet black rsvp cards standard 3.5 x 5 invitationblack and white rsvp cards standard 3.5 x 5 invitationMonogram violet  RSVP standard 3.5 x 5 invitation

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