Saturday, July 23, 2011

Affordable wedding Programs

wedding Program are optional but will be a gesture of warm welcome to help guests feel included and understand what is happening, and will introduce them to your bridal party.Nowadays many affordable versions of wedding programs are available, these programs even come in your matching invitations design or you can have them custom designed to match your wedding theme and color.see lovely wedding programs below , click each image for a closr look or to purchase them.See complete Collection of wedding programs here at MGdezigns

ivory pink and black floral Wedding program rackcardpeacock Wedding program rackcardmocha lovebirds Wedding program rackcardmocha ,dahlia Wedding program rackcardred,black and white Wedding program rackcardlime Wedding program rackcardmocha Wedding program rackcardDamask Wedding program rackcardpink and black Wedding program rackcardblack and white Wedding program rackcardaqua butterflies Wedding program rackcardautumn Wedding program rackcardmocha Wedding program rackcardblack and pink  Wedding program rackcardvintage Wedding program rackcard

Monday, July 4, 2011

Aqua Color For Wedding

Aqua is the Latin word for water. The adjective aqua is used to describe the color of something which resembles the blue color of sea water. In traditional print media, "aqua" is short for aquamarine, a distinct color from aqua. It is named for the mineral aquamarine.he Color Aqua is used in energy healing process to release guilt and bring balance to life. Receiving Gifts, Play Balanced with Work. The energy of aqua gives your brain a message that you have been working too hard and it is time for fun. Bring Aqua to your life for a renewed energy and spiritual freedom. The Energies of Aqua Color are Power, Healing, Love and Protection; hence it has always been a favorite color of brides for wedding.
here are some Aqua Wedding Invitations for you to enjoy, You can see Complete Wedding Collection here at MGdezigns
double click the following images for az closer look or to purchase them.
aqua damask wedding save the date invitationaqua and mocha mod wedding invitationivory and aqua elegant floral save the date cardaqua contemporary wedding invitation invitationaqua floral wedding  Invitations invitationmocha and aqua cherry blossom sakura wedding invitationaqua flourish wedding invitation invitationbold aqua floral wedding  Invitations invitationpolka dots aqua gerbera save the date invitationromantic elegance aqua rose wedding invitation invitationelegant aqua and black ribbon wedding invitation invitationdamask aqua swirls wedding invitation invitation