Monday, October 4, 2010

Greeting Card Universe Card submission tips

I know, like me so many of you have problems and frustrations while submitting your cards at GCU.It took me a while to learn the rules, So I decided to share it with you, so you don't have to go through major pain of "rejection" and approval process.See below

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GCU MGdezigns

1.see the detailed titles , they want all titles to be detailed,like if your card has a poinsettia, a ribbon and a gift box, your title should be "poinsettias red ribbon and gift box Christmas card" your tag should also include these 3 words among others.

2.image size is 2100x1500 or vice veras, jpeg format cannot add text to front of card, so make your image with the text

4.If you card suppose has a red ornament and snowflakes, tag them "Christmas,red ornament,snowflakes...that's it, no extra tags like 25r dec,major holidays,fun stuff...e.t.c. like we do at zazzle, just relevant tags

5.categorize your cad very accurate like if front of your card says "happy holidays" then it should be place in Christmas--->happy holidays.They have a category for everything ,so look and search properly before submitting

6.if suppose you are making a mothers day card, and you have no text at front, then it "should" say "mother's day" in the front,

7. Good luck!


cjhardy said...

This is wonderful. It will save me a great deal of time. I'm new to GCU and for the life of me cannot find a link to submit for review. If such a thing exists, could you please inform me where it is. Thanks so much.

MGdezigns said...

hello cjhardy
sorry for late reply, link to submit for review, a card? you just "create a card" keep on clicking next , when it takes you to your dashboard where your new card is added, it is automatically submitted for review