Thursday, July 8, 2010

Auto Updates for your zazzle products and blog posts at twitter and Facebook!

Many Zazzlers and bloggers don't know about twitterfeed and so they have to spend lots of time advertising on twitter, heres a simple solution!

it will automatically tweet your recent products at zazzle stores and even your blog posts (see at the end of page for blog posts)

it can also make facebook page post automatically

go to

register and then

click "create new feed"

in feed name write anything, for e.g ,your zazzle store name

In rss feed url write

replace blessedme by your zazzleshop

and numbers after at= by your rf id

click test rss feed and check active

click "advanced settings"

choose your settings and click "go to step 2"

now in available services click twitter

click authenticate twitter account

after authentication at the bottom you see "create service" click that

voila its done

To add Facebook page auto updates for zazzle products
Go to dashboard and click edit feed,
click continue to step 2,
you can choose facebook for "availabe services" and set for auto post for your facebook pages too

voila its done!

similarly u can add other zazzle stores, even your blogs too
For blogs use this address

replace mgdezigns by your blogspot name

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