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Sakura Cherry Blossom Wedding Theme


Author: Katlin Dowlin

The cherry blossom is the flower of the Cherry Tree, and while most people commonly think that the tree produces only pink blooms, the most common of varieties produce white blooms. In either case, the flowers are stunningly exquisite and with a little creativity and imagination, allow for the creation of a beautiful and elegant wedding theme.

The Cherry Blossom is the national flower of Japan; one of the reasons it is closely associated with Japanese weddings and celebrations. There is much symbolism surrounding the Cherry Blossom and much of this meaning is often found in wedding ceremonies today. Across many cultures, the flower represents life and love. In Japan, the Blossom is an omen of good fortune and also represents love and affection, as well as being closely tied to the spring season.

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Cherry Blossom trees were brought to the United States in 1912, when Japan gifted over 3,000 trees to celebrate the developing relationship between the two countries. These magnificent trees can now be found throughout the country, with many cities now hosting annual Festivals that celebrate their awe-inspiring beauty, (the most notable being the National Festival in Washington, D.C.) which usually take place between the months of March and April.

The limited blooming season of these trees makes them somewhat rare; it is this rarity that contributes, in part, to their beauty and elegance. For those brides fortunate enough to be married mid-March to mid-April, Cherry Blossoms are readily available. This is not to say however, that a bride cannot incorporate the significance of this beautiful flower into her wedding to create a unifying wedding theme during any time of year!

The best way to accomplish creating a Cherry Blossom Wedding Theme is to include accents that feature these pink or white blooms throughout the wedding from beginning to end. For invitations, each envelope could be sealed with a Cherry Blossom label. For the wedding ceremony, items such as flower girl baskets, ring bearer pillows and even Unity Candles are readily available that embody the essence of Cherry Blossoms. Throughout the reception, elements such as the Wedding Guest Book, Place Cards, Table Numbers and Candles can be scattered throughout the reception venue so that wherever the guests happen to be, they will encounter this graceful flower. To put the final touch on the theme, guests should be sent home with a thank you gifts or wedding favors that showcase the Cherry Blossom such as sweet treats packaged in a Cherry Blossom Favor Box, or a practical set of pretty coasters that depict this graceful and dainty tree.

However you decide to incorporate Cherry Blossoms into your wedding, one this is certain; your wedding will be filled with symbols of love and affection to be felt amongst all of your guests, who will remember the elegance and beauty of your event for years to come!




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However you decide to incorporate Cherry Blossoms into your wedding, one this is certain; your wedding will be filled with symbols of love and affection to be felt amongst all of your guests, who will remember the elegance and beauty of your event for years to come!

Mod and Contemporary Wedding Invitations

Contemporary Wedding Invitations
By: Anna Thomson
Unique contemporary wedding invitations are the first choice for many young people to plan for an up-to-date and modern wedding style. There are many wedding invitation stationery stores, the various types of unique contemporary wedding invitation cards from different budget ranges to meet. Many young people believe that a wedding invitation sets the tone for the wedding theme. Wedding is a memorable occasion in the life of a couple. It is an opportunity to celebrate with friends and close family members. One of the many things that must be planned out, is a wedding invitation.
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invitations give you an idea about the topic of marriage and, above all, reminds the recipients of the big day. Here are a few unique contemporary wedding invitation ideas that are very unique and contemporary. Unique Contemporary Wedding Invitation - fancy folding card A fancy fold card is a unique contemporary wedding invitation cards that have three folds, with attractive designs embossed on it and a red satin ribbon to make on the back of the card to an arc. These cards, which are in vogue today. You could print the invitation on one side of the decorative format and have the photos of the bride and groom embossed on the other two sides. These cards are available in various types such as multiple lines, stamping parts and simple fold available. Unique Contemporary Wedding Invitation - Style Jacket Card Jacket-style wedding invitation is known with an elaborately designed jacket cover as folded. This jacket keeps the invitation and has a ribbon attached. With this band, you could tie the jacket. There are basically two types of jacket-style wedding invitations. One style has a cubecut where the inside of the fold overlaps the other. In the second style, opens the jacket either up or down. The left and right side is folded and the folds meet in the middle. Unique Contemporary Wedding invitation - ribbon tied Map You can also select a unique contemporary wedding invitation, a gift that remembers. One of the styles of the loop bound map is like a scroll, which is tied with a satin ribbon. There is another style in which the satin ribbons through the areas that are cut by a punch and thread could then handcuffed. Bow tied card is more expensive but attractive and would make as a unique and contemporary wedding invitation card. A unique contemporary wedding invitation reflects your personal taste and style of a person. Therefore, make sure good quality stationary and print use. Thanks to technology, can a unique wedding invitations with multimedia technology. There are many ways that you could create a contemporary wedding invitation card. One of them, as not only unique but also cost effective, is to send e-wedding invitations.
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