Saturday, April 17, 2010

Shoe Party!!!!!

Today I went shoe crazy after twitter party I finally had some time on my hands and sore finger tips lol
I went crazy designing shoes, normally they take upto 48 hours to get approves, but today they were being approved in 5 mins wow! I bet the "approving guy/girl" had to go on a date and they were running late lol! goof for me though hehe
here are some shoe designs :0)
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Cool Keds

jaguar patterns keds shoes kedsshoe
jaguar patterns keds shoes

flower pattern Retro pattern Keds kedsshoe
flower pattern Retro pattern Keds

shooting rockets kids shoes kedsshoe
shooting rockets kids shoes

daisy romance patterns keds shoes kedsshoe
daisy romance patterns keds shoes

squares patterns keds shoes kedsshoe
squares patterns keds shoes

Friday, April 16, 2010

After Party Post #ubp10

What a Rocking Party Thank You so much Susan and Janice!!!!!!!!!!!!
visited some wonderful blogs here they are , will keep on adding blogs to this list
and many more!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Party Post

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

My name is Maria , I have 3 kids (2 boys ,1 girl) and a wonderful hubby :D
Last year , My husband's business went down in dumps, due to a careless business partner and disloyal company agreements

we were surviving very poorly , Things were so rough, I had seen days with empty pockets,I have 3 kids,I new I had to step up and do something to support my family so,... I was looking for a way to work from home when I discovered Zazzle, I always loved designing offline and online,art has been in my heart since I was a kid , So I started designing ,online and offline, opened up stores, but waited for sales, I saw a group of people promoting each other I felt left out I thought again I have to do something, so I started learning about marketing and blogs helped me loads, I am forever in debt to bloggers,

I started blogging, tweeting , FB to promote my business but pretty soon it became personal and I met so many wonderful people along the way,In all this hectic life with kids, stores, home... I need some "me" time , even if it were just 5minutes, thats where 5minutesformom came in, I love the fact I can connect with so many moms, all working some online some offline, some at pay jobs and some at the toughest job in the world "being a mom" ,goes 24/7

Last night I discovered the awesome rocking party at twitter #ubp10 hosted by 5minutesformom Thanks to Susan and Janice for creating this wonderful platform and providing us ways to connect to each other
here is my blog
I realized the way I wanted a helping hand, someone to help me promote my work, unconditionally ,someone also needs my help for promotion ,that led to my creating another blog where I promote other artists work,unconditionally and discover amazing new artists every day here's the promotional blog

Looking forward to meet you wonderful Mom's out there and connecting with you

You can browse through my stores on your right or go to my site, a purchase is always welcome ;)

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roses and tulips

Today I feel like making flowers, roses, tulips,dandelions........
there is so much beauty, so much color around
here are the few designs I made

rose wedding invitation invitation
rose wedding invitation by blessedwedding

coral silver dandelion wedding rsvp cards invitation
coral silver dandelion wedding rsvp cards by blessedwedding

tulips save the date invitation
tulips save the date by blessedwedding

classy tulips yellow wedding rsvp cards invitation
classy tulips yellow wedding rsvp cards by blessedwedding
Flower girl request card
Flower girl request by blessedwedding

rose Save the date magnet
rose Save the date by blessedwedding
Roses wedding stickers sticker
Roses wedding stickers by blessedwedding